Quarterly Newsletter Publication

The word “Patsada“ is a Bisaya word commonly used in common conversation in Northern Mindanao added as an adjective. It means “Nice” or “Nice-looking“. It is usually abridged in the form “Tsada“ which is makes it more fun and appealing to use.

PSA RSSO 10 adopted the word in the newsletter title because it embodies the niceties of the office’s accomplishment for the quarter and as a flagship word being promoted as a branding of the region.

Patsada Diez Newsletter is the official quarterly publication of PSA RSSO 10.

PSA RSSO X Newsletters Releases

Title Reference Number Release Date
2021 Quarter 1 Newsletter - PatSAda Diez PSAX-NL-2021-Q1 August 5, 2021
2019 Quarter 4 Newsletter - PatSAda Diez PSAX-NL-2019-Q4 March 31, 2020
2019 Quarter 2 Newsletter - PatSAda Diez PSAX-NL-2019-Q2 September 28, 2019
2019 Quarter 1 Newsletter - PatSAda Diez PSAX-NL-2019-Q1 June 28, 2019
2018 Quarter 4 Newsletter - PatSAda Diez PSAX-NL-2018-Q4 January 31, 2019