Registered Live Births in Region X, 2021

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Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Explanatory Note

Data on births presented in this release were obtained from the timely and late registered births at the Office of the City/Municipal Civil Registrars all throughout the country and submitted to the Office of the Civil Registrar General through the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA)-Provincial Statistical Offices (PSOs). The information presented includes births that occurred from January to December 2021 based on data files received by the PSA-Central Office from the PSOs that were registered as of 31 March 2022. Figures presented herein are not adjusted for under registration. This release includes births of Filipinos whose usual residence is abroad and births of foreign nationals that occurred in the country during the reference period. Births of Filipinos abroad which were reported to the Philippine Foreign Service Posts are presented in a separate report.

Fifteen births per thousand population

In 2021, a total of 76, 468 live births were registered, which is equivalent to a crude birth rate (CBR) of 15 or 15 births per thousand population.
The number of registered live births showed a generally decreasing trend. A decrease of -14.7 percent in the registered live births was noted in the past seven (7) years, from 89,682 in 2015 to 76,468 in 2021. 
The highest rate of decline was noted in 2019-2020   with -10.7 percent. (Figures 1 and 1b). Year 2021 had the least number of registered live births since 2015.

More males were born than females
In 2021, more males (39,934 or 52.2% share) were born than females (36,534or 47.8% share), resulting in a sex ratio at birth of 109 males per 100 females. 


Highest occurrence of births by place of occurrence recorded in Misamis Oriental
Region 10-Northern Mindanao recorded 76,468 live births by place of occurrence and 75,441 by usual residence in 2021. Areas with relatively large population reported the highest number of live births by place of occurrence and by usual residence of mother. Among provinces, the province of Misamis Oriental recorded the highest number of birth by place of occurrence with 34.8 percent share. This was followed by Bukidnon (33.2% share) and Lanao del Norte (17.7% share). The same provinces recorded the highest number of live births by usual residence of mothers, collectively sharing 86.7 percent. (Figure 3)


Most number of births registered in December
In 2021, most registered births occurred in December at 6,925 or 9.1 percent of the total births in the Region. It was followed by the months of October at 6,878 (9.0% share), and September at 6,830 (8.9% share). On the other hand, the month of February had the least number of births at 5,011 or 6.6% share. (Figure 4a and 4b)


Figure 4. Number and Percent Distribution of Registered Live Births by Month of Occurrence, Region X: 2021

Four provinces in the region attended by health professionals higher than 90.0 percent
The number of births by place of occurrence and by usual residence of mother showed a remarkable proportion of births attended by health professionals in the provinces of Region 10. This is indicative of improving health services in terms of maternal and child health care. Four of the five provinces in the region had medically attended births higher than 90.0 percent. On the other hand, only 69.5% of the births that occurred in Lanao del Norte were attended by health professional while the rest were attended by traditional birth attendants—either hilot or unlicensed midwives, or other type of attendants. (Figure 5)

Majority of babies were born to mothers aged 25-29 years old
In 2021, majority of registered births by place of occurrence were born to mothers aged 25-29 years  at 20,149 or 26.3%. This was followed to mothers aged 20-24 years old at 19, 346 or 25.3%, and aged 30-34 years old at 15, 311 or 20%. (Figure 6)

More than half of the number of babies were born to unwed mothers
More than half (43,121 births) of the total registered live births by usual residence of mother in 2021 were born out of wedlock.  Illegitimate male births recorded at 22,581 and female births at 20,540. While Legitimate male and female births posted at 16, 807 and 15, 513, respectively. (Figure 7)

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