• How and when should a survey proponent apply for a clearance?

The PSA requires survey proponents to secure clearance at least forty-five (45) days before the scheduled conduct of the  survey  to  give  the  agencies  ample  time  for  the incorporation of PSA recommendations.  

The application for clearance should be supported by the following documents:
1. SSRCS Form1 (Statistical Survey Notification Form).
2. Survey questionnaire/s
3. Accomplished  SSRCS  Form  4  (Statistical  Survey Monitoring  Form), for previously cleared surveys

4. Enumerators’  Manual/Manual  of  Instructions/Operations

5. List of tables to be generated

6. Compilation of policy uses of survey results

7. Pre-test/Pilot survey results, if any, for new surveys and surveys with major changes in the forms content and sampling design

8. Previous survey results, if any

9. Survey proposal, if any

10. Any additional information not stated in SSRCS Form 1

All documents should be submitted to:  

Deputy National Statistician
Census and Technical Coordination Office
Philippine Statistics Authority
17th Floor, Eton Centris Cyperpod Three,
EDSA Corner Quezon Avenue, Quezon City

  • What actions are taken by the PSA on the surveys submitted?

The PSA shall process survey clearance applications within a period of fifteen (15) working days from receipt of the complete documents. The PSA shall review the various aspects of the survey/census using SSRCS Form 2 (Evaluation Form). If necessary, the PSA shall convene a meeting with the survey’s focal persons from the proponent agency and/or consult with other relevant agency to discuss and review the components of the survey.

The PSA shall then transmit to the proponent the decision as documented in the SSRCS Form 3 (PSA Action Notification Form), together with recommendations aimed to further improve the system of data collection. If approved, the clearance number and the expiry date are indicated. If disapproved, the reason for such is also indicated.

Agencies will likewise be provided an SSRCS Form 4 (Statistical Survey Monitoring Form) for them to accomplish and send back to the PSA along with the final survey questionnaire/s before the conduct of the survey.

  • What period is covered by the clearance?

An expiration date is assigned for every clearance number given which is usually one year from date of application. Regular surveys which are not often revised are given clearance numbers valid up to three years. If the clearance number is about to expire but the activity will be repeated in the following year/s, the proponent must apply again for renewal of clearance, following the same process as in the previous one. 
For irregular or ad hoc surveys, the clearance number shall be valid until six months after the proposed schedule of enumeration

  • How does the public know about the surveys that have been cleared?

The PSA clearance number together with the expiration date should be printed on the upper right corner of the first page of the questionnaire to be used in the survey. This indicates that the survey has undergone the SSRCS process and that the PSA allows its conduct. Likewise, the PSA issues press releases informing the general public of the surveys which have been cleared as a way of promoting and seeking the cooperation and support of the respondents. 

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