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Report on Inflation in Northern Mindanao for the Month of August 2023 (2018=100)

Northern Mindanao

Regional inflation increased to 5.0 percent in August 2023, from 4.0 percent in the previous month. The inflation rate in August 2022 was higher at 6.6 percent. (Table A and Figure 1)

Table A. Year-on-Year Inflation Rates for All Items, Northern Mindanao:
August 2022, July 2023, and August 2023
(In percent, 2018=100)

Registered Deaths in Region X: 2021

An average of 111 deaths registered per day
In 2021, a total of 40,666 deaths were registered in Region X, an increase of 53.5 percent from 26,485 in 2020. This is equivalent to a crude death rate of 8.0, or eight deaths per 1,000 population in 2021. This corresponds to an average of 111 deaths per day, which translates to 5 deaths per hour.


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