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The Philippine Statistical Authority (PSA) Northern Mindanao is pleased to announce the commencement of the registration process for children aged 1 to 4 years old in the Philippine Identification System (PhilSys), starting from February 12, 2024. 









The initial registration phase will capture essential demographic information, including the child's full name, sex, date of birth, place of birth, blood type, address, Citizenship, and a front-facing photograph.

It is important to note that complete biometric information will be collected once the child reaches the age of five.

The PhilSys Number (PSN) assigned to the children during registration will be linked to the PSN of their parent or guardian. This linkage ensures a streamlined and secure process, facilitating efficient record-keeping within the PhilSys.

To facilitate the registration of children, they must be accompanied by their parent or guardian during the PhilSys registration process. The accompanying person must already be PhilSys-registered before initiating the registration of the child.

List of Required Documents:

  • Presentation of either the PhilID or ePhilID of the Parent/Guardian.

  • Identification and/or supporting documents of the child.

It is essential to emphasize that once the PSN of the child has been linked to the PSN of the accompanying guardian, it cannot be unlinked. This policy is designed to maintain the integrity of the PhilSys database and ensure the security of personal information.

The PhilSys represents a significant milestone in the government's efforts to establish a comprehensive and unified identification system for all Filipino citizens and resident aliens. By capturing the demographic of children from an early age, the PhilSys aims to provide a secure and efficient means of identification that will benefit individuals and the nation as a whole.

For more updates and queries, visit PSA RSSO 10’s official website at, Official FB Page at or contact us thru email at or mobile number 0917-821-9152.

(Chief Statistical Specialist)
Officer-in-Charge, PSA 10

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