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Consumer Price Index for All Income Households in Cagayan de Oro City - May 2024
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Report on Inflation in Northern Mindanao for the Month of June 2024

Regional inflation increased to 5.0 percent in June 2024 from 4.7 percent in the previous month. The inflation rate in June 2023 was higher at 5.2 percent

SUMMARY INFLATION REPORT Consumer Price Index - May 2024

Bukidnon 1. Headline Inflation The headline inflation in the province increased to 6.0 percent in May 2024 from 5.5 percent in April 2024. This brings the provincial average inflation from…

Cagayan de Oro City Summary Inflation Report - May 2024

The City of Cagayan de Oro posted a headline inflation or overall inflation of 4.4 percent in May 2024, which was faster by 0.4 percentage point in April 2024 at 4.0 percent. Consequently, the city…